5 Tips for Choosing Parallettes

If you’re working out at home, there’s one must-have piece of equipment: parallettes. Using a set of parallettes, you can achieve astounding results. But with your entire body weight resting on the bars, ensuring they’re durable, stable, and grippy is essential. The last thing you want is a broken set or a serious injury.

If you’re not sure what parallettes bars are, they’re like parallel bars that you can place on the floor. Commonly seen in gymnastics, they’re an awesome addition to your home gym.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 5 top tips for choosing parallettes.

Let’s get started!

  1. Consider the parallette’s length

Consider your goal. If you’re purchasing parallettes to practice home gymnastics, then you’ll need a bar long enough to perform pirouettes safely. Whereas if you’re just using them as an addition to your home workout, perhaps a smaller length is perfect. After all, you don’t need a long parallette for press-ups, or static knee raises.

  1. Which material is better?

Just as parallettes come in all shapes and sizes, so too do they come in different materials. Most commonly, you’ll find wooden, PVC, or metal parallettes. Each has its benefits. Wooden parallettes are durable, meaning you’ll get a lifetime of use. They’re also light, making them readily portable. However, with a longer handle, they buckle under repeated pressure. PVC is also lightweight and portable but not particularly sturdy either. Meanwhile, metal parallettes are too heavy to take on vacation, but they’ll never fail you.

If you do go for metal parallettes, always check they have rubber handles – for extra grip!

  1. How stable are the parallettes?

Stability = trust. If you’re placing your entire body weight onto a bar, you want to trust that it’ll support you. It also fosters better technique. One factor determines a parallette bar’s stability: the size of the base should be proportional to the height of the handle. The taller the handle, the longer the base.

Weight also plays an important factor, though. Heavy bases provide greater stability at the expense of portability. Watch a few videos of someone using the bars and see if the bars look stable. That’s critical.

  1. Price matters

We wouldn’t be a very good price comparison site if we didn’t consider this pivotal factor. Suppose you’re a beginner. Buying the most expensive set of bars seems foolhardy. However, even if you’re looking at the cheaper end of the spectrum, spending a little more may pay in the long run. You don’t want a set of bars that wears out within a few months. That’s not just pricey; it’s wasteful.

  1. Are they portable?

Not everyone wants to carry their parallette bars around. However, some people may want to exercise in the garden, on the deck, or take their bars on vacation. If so, you’ll want to consider portability. As mentioned, portability is often at the sacrifice of durability. Only you can decide which you prefer. But also consider that the bigger the bars, the less easy it is to drag them around.

That’s it. Follow these tips, and you’re guaranteed to buy a set of parallette bars perfect for your needs. Start searching!
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